JioFi Wi-Fi Router- Price, Specifications | Jiofi Dongle Price & Features

By | April 26, 2017

Jiofi Router

The world is all gagging for the new adoption of technologies and in such list comes the Wi-Fi hotspot which is a must routine. It is a compulsory thing necessary to connected multiple gadgets at one single time. Whether it is at home or in the car or at Office, the Wi-Fi internet connection is very much required in order to send e-mails, browse the net or use social networking streams.

With understanding this perceptive of the people these days, the Reliance Jio Company has come with the new Reliance JioFi portable Wi-Fi router that could be the best feasible choice of any individual who is addicted to suing the internet in their smartphones wherever he goes. The Reliance JioFi Wi-Fi router comes in the dongle shape that grants internet server and provides the Internet hotspot to the devices by connecting more than one device at a single go.

Reliance JioFi Wi-Fi Router the best feasible choice!

Reliance JioFi Router, the best 4G pocket hotspot

The Reliance JioFi router is the easy and best 4G hotspot pocket size that comes in a dongle form and made available in the market in September. This dongle can be connected with the non-4G devices and provided a wider range to the customers. More than one customer can connect to the device at a single time using the same user ID and password options.

JioFi Dongle specifications

The JioFi comes in 4 different versions and all of them together have same features mostly. Let’s have a look at the fantastic features of the new JioFi device.

  • The JioFi Portable Wi-Fi hotspot can connect up to 10 devices at one single time and one USB.
  • The users can enjoy HD voice calls, video calls on the 2G/3G phone using the JIO4G voice app and this feature offered by the Company is very unique.
  • The JioFi device is powerful and is packed with 2300mAh battery which can work up to 6 hours on one single charge.
  • The Range of the device can easily cover 2 rooms.

The JioFi dongle features

  • The JioFi new Dongle is sleeker than other versions of the JioFi.
  • The JioFi angle also supports the OLED display along with powered 2300mAh battery power.
  • The new Dongle comes with the Reliance Jio Welcome offer plan.
  • This device also allows the non-4G device users to connect their smartphone with Jio.
  • The user can also make HD voice calls via the Jio4G voice App for free.

Reliance JioCinema App Download

Reliance JioTV App Download

Reliance Jio Vivo Offer for IPL Lovers

JioFi dongle : Price Details 

The price of the Reliance JioFi dongle is Rs 1999/- only. The price of the new one is same as just at other versions of the JioFi. No extra charges or additional charges have been charged. Moreover, this device comes with the Reliance Jio Summer Plan offer where the users on purchasing the device will get a chance to win many gifts. The users awhile purchasing the Reliance JioFi will also receive a package along with one AC to USB adapter that can also be plugged into any wall of the AC outlet.

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