Telangana Treasury DDOREQ | DDO Request Salary Bills

By | May 5, 2017

Hello, there today I’m going to give you all a brief Description over Telangana Treasury DDO Request for Salary bills. You all might be wondering why Telangana Govt has to introduce a new website to make salary request bills online. Well, the answer is simple. By that fake website links your valuable data may cause to steal your accounts too. So to provide better knowledge to everyone here we are giving the secured info.

  •  Due to loads of Fraudsters using a hacking technique know and Phishing.

(Most of us who are not aware of Phishing technique I got a small summary for you)

Phishing:  It’s one of frequently used hack technique like creating a same kinda web page with different Domain name i.e. website looks same as original one but it’s not and way to find if you are in the original domain is to check for the domain name. Off course there are many more techniques to get the job done was the reason Telangana Govt has introduced new website.

Ex: phishing website domain would be or any combination of it

Hope we never fall for that old trick again, yet there are many ways Hacker can get into us. I will keep you posted with new ways after this article.

  • Employee information was not secure
  • Miss use of Employee confidential Information

Telangana Treasury DDOREQ

DDOREQ ( DDO Request ) is a demand to the TS (TG) aka Telangana website department to discharge their pay slip. By asking for the treasury division by their site, Dept of the treasury will discharge their pay bills. Individuals to make use of for TG Cyber Treasury web portal.

How to Process a DDO Request?

I assume you are on to the website of DDO as below Screenshot

DDO Request Telangana Treasury 1

1. To continue requesting for DDO pay bill to Telangana Treasure department, you see a login prompt at the bottom right of a web page?


How do I link Aadhaar with PAN Uploading Scanned Proof?

Check your PAN Card Status Here


DDOREQ Telangana Treasury

2. Enter the DDO Code and Password as per your given information,

3.Now you are logged into the site.In the Left

4. At the Left-hand side, there will be two options.

5. Opt for Ext Dept Operations

6. There will be a list of DDOREQ process operations.

7. Click on “DDO Claims”

8. Login with pass ID and request your pay  slip (or ) Salary Slip

There you go, you are now successfully Process DDOREQ

Cross check the details with DDOREQ Telangana Treasury

Telangana Treasury DDOREQ

Hope you liked reading and information helped on the matter. Any queries please comment below I will get it addressed for you.

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