Jio Sim Tele Verification Call Not Connecting [Ways to Fix Tele Call Verification 1977 Not Working]

By | January 30, 2017

Hi folks!! Are you facing any issue with Jio SIM card verification? If you have any issues at the time of making verification call or do not work, then you need to contact the customer care. You can also find some best solutions related to the issues of Jio SIM Tele Verification like call not connecting and call verification not working. Just check out this detailed tutorial to fix the issues like Jio Sim Tele Verification Call Not Connecting and the process to fix Tele Call Verification 1977 not Working.

Jio Sim Tele Verification Call Not Connecting

Check out the simple solutions or fix so as to make use of all the services provided by the Reliance Company.

Jio Sim Tele Verification Call

In order to fix solutions for the verification process of Jio SIM, you need to follow the simple steps provided below. The Jio Tele Verification numbers for all the users who are seeking to fix their issues include the following:

  • 1977 – This number allows the users to enable free voice calls and mobile data. This way, the users can initiate the usage of this device.
  • 1800-890-1977 – In order to complete the verification process or if you have any issues with the process, you can make call to this number.

How to Fix Jio SIM Tele Verification – ‘Call Not Connecting’ Issue?

Here are the simple steps that help the users to fix or solve the SIM Tele verification call not connecting:

  • First of all, the users need to download JioJoin or Jio4GVoice app from the Google Play Store app store marketplace.
  • You need to power off your smartphone and place the Jio SIM Card in the first slot of your mobile SIM cards tray.
  • You need to restart the device and you can then see the network signal of your Jio SIM.
  • Now, the users can select the network type based on your preference as ‘4G LTE’.
  • You can now choose the name of the access point and set it as ‘Jionet’.
  • The users need to enable the 4G internet connection and check the “Sign into Network Option” on your device.
  • Click to open the JioJoin app on your mobile device that you have already downloaded the app from Play Store.
  • Then, the users can see a pop up message as “Do you want to use JioJoin as text messaging app” on the screen.
  • Just tap on Yes button and make call to 1977 through JioJoin dialler.
  • Your call connects to that particular number for the verification of your Jio SIM card.
  • As part of the verification process, the users need to enter last 4 digits of your Voter ID.
  • After entering the last 4 digits, the users need to wait for 10 minutes for the completion of the verification process.
  • You can then receive an SMS as the SIM activated.

You can now start enjoying unlimited calls and mobile data on your device.

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